Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here are a couple of our baby's first pictures! It was so much fun to get the ultra sound and see our baby moving around and hear his little heart beat. We found out that we are having a boy!
We've been talking about a name which we've decided will be Kason Anthony Sloat (this name is subject to change). We agreed on the name pretty readily. The first name was Reed's idea, he got
it from the name of a pitcher on the Red Sox, which is funny because of what a big fan he is, but not the real reason we chose the name. The middle name is Reed's middle name which I really like, but reed didn't really like for a first name. The hardest part was deciding how to spell Kason. We discussed Kaison, Kaisen, Kayson, Kaysen, Kasin, etc...we have finally decided on K-A-S-O-N.
The doctor burned us a DVD of the ultra sound that is so cool to watch! I could watch it over and over! We actually get to go back next month and get another ultra sound. I don't know if it's actually a "get to," but it turns our I have a marginal previa, which means that the placenta is partially blocking the baby's way out. If it doesn't correct itself by August 3rd (my due date), I will have to have a C-section. Both the doctor that did the ultra sound and my regular OBGYN seen optimistic that it will correct itself. Anyway, we get to go back on May 9th which will be cool because Kason will be bigger.
Being pregnant is a lot of fun right now. I think I'm starting to feel the baby move (it's hard to know for sure) and I feel really good and full of energy most of the time. I'm having the most fun making a Red Sox baby blanket and planning various other sewing projects. Neither of us can wait until we can both feel the baby move. We are very excited to be parents!!!