Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Needs A Double Stroller?

Hmmm... I think maybe we do

We went for a walk this morning to the park. I left the snuggly at a friends house, so I decided I would just put Harley in the stroller, let Kason walk, and see what happens (it's way too hot and sticky for the snuggly anyway). Well about twenty minutes into the walk (the park is a half an hour away and twenty minutes is pretty good for Kason) Kason wanted, "Up." So I tried several different ways to get them both in the stroller, none of which were very comfortable for the boys. The last one ended up being the best. On the way home Harley fell asleep and we made it all the way back like that. I guess I'll be checking Craigs list for a good double stroller.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

We took Harley in the pool for the first time yesturday. So far he is not the fish that Kason is, he liked it better wrapped up in a towel! But he is still young, we will keep trying.

Lately Kason prefers playing with the water outside the pool. Unless of course Daddy is in the pool to make him fly!

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