Thursday, February 5, 2009

Of Beaches and High Chairs

Today was an exciting day full of great adventure and great photo ops. Now that Kason is six months old he isn't experiencing as many "firsts" as he used to. In the begining he was doing and seeing things for the first time everyday. Now days he's an old pro at most things, but today was special: Kason sat and ate in the high chair for the first time and he saw the ocean and the beach for the first time. 

Kason has been sitting up really well for the past couple of weeks and has just started eating cereal every morning, so we thought it was the perfect time to introduce him to the high chair. Here for the first time ever is Kason sitting in a high chair.

This is a high chair that I believe was Reed's dad's when he was a baby. Kason was more concerned with getting the high chair in his mouth than with eating his cereal, but we considered the experience a success.

Here is the big Neptune or Triton (whichever it is) statue at Virginia Beach. You can tell it's winter because there is no one there and all the the trees are in plastic (I think they look like big seaweed, which go perfectly with the statue), but the water was still pretty.

It was pretty cold (about 34 degrees) so we just jumped out of the car for a couple of quick pictures and jumped back in.

I think the big statue is really cool and I can't wait to go back in the summer time when it is warm and we can walk on the beach and play in the water. It will be especially fun to see how Kason likes it.