Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dump It!

Kason LOVES the garbage truck. He always wants to take the garbage out and, "Dump It" in the big garbage so that the truck will come and, "Dump It" into itself. We finally helped him understand that the garbage truck only comes to our house on Friday, so now whenever he has that unconrollable desire to see the garbage truck, "Dump It" instead of throwing a kicking, screaming, on-the-floor tantrum about it he calmly says, "Garbage truck come Friday night and Dump It?" and happily I smile and say, "yes." It's a much better scence and leaves me oh so greatful for his developing ability to internalize and reason within himself. Come, "Friday night" (well it's morning actually, but I'm letting that one go) Kason and Daddy gather all of the garbage from all over the house (and with two in diapers there is usually a lot) and they, "Dump It" into the big gabage outside and roll it to the end of the driveway for the garbage truck. Then, Kason sits patiently on the steps wainting...

The garbage truck is definately the highlight of our week, but Kason also love throwing anything away for me, pouring the garbage from one can to another, and the plastic bags from the grocery store (because that's what we use to line our little garbage cans). He wants to be a garbage man for halloween so he can, "Dump It!" Harley Likes to help too. Mostly he just sits around looking cute, but his day will come!