Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snips and Snails

I thought I would seize this opportunity while everyone is sleeping and the internet is working great to do a nice long catch up post (even though I should be paying bills and balancing the budget...oh well that can wait). The latest and most exciting news is that we are going to be adding another boy to the family. We went in to the ultra sound on Monday absolutely sure it was a girl. Surprise! Now I am officially out numbered. I know that I was before (2 to 1), but I at least had a chance of making it a tie if this were a girl. Oh well, I am very very excited. My Kason is so much fun and can be so sweet that the idea of another boy brings nothing but joy. My only regret is no shopping spree to stock up on pink and dresses, we have everything we need for a boy (and then some).

At the end of September my parents came to visit. It was so much fun to have them here and be able to share our home and neighborhood with them. Kason had a wonderful time getting to know them. We went to historic James Town and to the Zoo. We also spent a very windy day at the beach and toured the naval base in Norfolk. It was sad to see them go, but Kason and I already have out tickets booked for a trip to Utah in January! We won't be able to be there for Christmas, but during this time Reed will be on a trip for work, so this worked out a little better. It will be fun to see everybody and for Kason to play in the snow (we don't get much of that around here, which I am grateful for).

We had a great Halloween. Kason dressed up as a pirate. He learned to say "Ahrg" and kept his hat on all night. He really got into the candy part of Halloween this year, but not so much the trick-or-treating. We hit a couple of houses in Grammy and Grampy's neighborhood and that was plenty. Kason was ready to stop and eat the candy after every house (the concept of delayed gratification is still beyond his grasp). Reed and I attended a Halloween party hosted by one of Reed's clients. They did a murder mystery and Reed guessed the murderer! Along with 20 other people, so they put names in a hat to choose the ultimate winner. It wasn't Reed, but I still think he is very clever. It was very well done, we talked to a lot of people and had a good time.

The beginning of November marked the end of our first year in Virginia. I can't believe it! Although it seems like we have been through quite a bit while here, I finally feel like we are getting settled and things are looking good. We are in our own place and loving it. We just pulled out the last of garden for this year. It will be fun to pick some things to plant for next year. We have quite a large space, so we are letting some other people plant things there too. It will be exciting whatching it grow and seeing everything turn out (or not). Reed's job is really starting to pick up. He has been enjoying the challenge of starting a new business and now seems to reeping more of the rewards of his hard work. And best of all we are expecting our second little bundle of joy. It's so exciting imagining what he will look like and how his personality will differ from Kason's. The hard part is waiting and deciding on a name. Luckily we had more ideas for a boy than a girl and we have time to decide which it will be. We are looking forward to a fun filled Holliday season and life is good! I will try to keep the posts coming, I know there are some far away friends and family that appritiate the pictures and updates.