Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...Maybe Not?

I titled my last post "The Greatest Snow on Earth" referring to the snow we enjoyed while visiting in Utah. However, upon returning home, we have experienced some pretty impressive snow storms. They cancelled church for the biggest one as well as schools and everything else for about three days. Mostly that's because they aren't as prepared for snow here as in Utah, this being the most they have had since 1989, but it was still exciting. Kason enjoyed playing it. It doesn't matter how cold he gets he never wants to come inside. The snow has mostly melted now, but it's still cold. I'm ready for spring.

Remember the daffodils that made a surprise appearance early this winter? Well, I don't know if they are going to make it. We also have some strawberries that appear to mostly dead. I'm not a plant expert, but I don't think the perennials around here are liking the snow and consistently freezing temperatures. And don't tell Kason, but neither do I. I've been praying for an early spring.

We had a fun Valentines day. I enjoyed picking out gifts for both of my boys. I got Reed a set of cuff links to go with the french cuff shirts that he got for his birthday. All the other financial advisers wear them, and Reed looks very handsome in his! I got kason a heart full of chocolates and as you can see he enjoyed it very much. I even got a smile for the camera. Reed got me a Willow Tree figurine called Tender. It's a mom holding her little boy, I love it!