Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pregnant Me

Upon request, here are a couple of pictures of me pregnant. The one on the left is at Becky's graduation and the one on the right we took last Sunday just to be put up on the blog and the one on the bottom was taken at Eli's birthday party up Millcreek canyon. With just seven weeks and one day until our due date, things are going great. I'm definitely feeling big. Most people are surprised that I'm not due until August since I look like I could pop at any moment. Bending over is becoming more and more of an impossibility, when I drop something I'm increasingly tempted to just leave it there until Reed gets home and can pick it up. Also, bedtime has come to involve a nightly feet of pillow engineering. If I can surround myself just right with just the right amount of pillows I have a chance of sleeping all the way through until my first bathroom run, which usually occur every three hours during the night. But it really is all great! I'm so excited to be a mom! I am having a baby shower next Saturday, and it’s going to be very fun. Becky, Tammy, and my mom are hosting it and working very hard, for which I am very grateful. Father's day is tomorrow and I had fun getting a gift for Reed. He's not officially a father yet, but close enough and he deserves to be celebrated either way. I have set a goal to finish the Red Sox blanket by the end of next week. I think it's very doable. So, hopefully I will have a picture in my next post or so.