Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Baby James

Harley James Sloat arrived a week ago today. He was about 11 days early, but there was no doubt he was ready to come. I went to the doctor the Thursday before for my regular appointment. The doctor was impressed that I was dilated to a four and 70% effaced. Just like with Kason I hadn't felt any painful contractions, but this time I did feel the pressure and hardening of my belly when I had a strong contraction, so i wasn't too surprised. She striped the membranes and predicted that we would be back in the hospital that weekend to deliver. Reed and I just smiled at each other knowingly. We thought we knew the drill and decided not to get our hopes up because we went through the same thing with Kason (I dilated slowly over about a month) and then ended up having to induce to get him that last little way. However, Harley decided to throw us a curve ball and come all by himself.

I woke up early (about 1:00) Sunday morning (March 7) with pain. I dismissed it as gas and tried to get back to sleep. Not long after I felt some more pain and noticed pressure and hardening of my belly. I thought this might be the real thing, so I decided to note the time and see if I get another one. Seven minutes later I did ... and seven minutes after that I did again. At this point I woke up Reed and he helped me time them for about an hour as they got stronger and closer together. We packed a bag for the hospital and got Kason out of bed and into the car (at this point I was stopping ever 3 minutes to breathe and stomp my way through the contractions). After an exciting ride to Grammy and Grampy's to drop off Kason I was contracting every minute and a half and it was now about 2:30 am.

We got to the hospital and I had to get down on all fours in the parking lot to make it through an extra strong contraction (Reed was pulling on my arm and telling me to get up and into the hospital). We finally made it to the hospital with no time to spare (and no time for an epidural..I kind of freaked out when I realized that). I was fully dilated, fully effaced, and fully ready to push, but we had to wait for the mid wife, so I bravely (don't ask Reed if that adjective is correct) breathed my way through the contraction until she arrived. Finally I pushed for what seemed like no time at all and Harley James made his appearance at 3:51 am. Wow! What a difference from Kason's delivery.

And now here he is, a perfect 6lb 6oz 19.5 inch baby boy. We still haven't decided whether to call him Harley or James. He is a "peacful" baby (that's how the lactation consultant put it when I expressed my worries about him not waking up long enough to eat). He doesn't like diaper changes or pooping, but other than that he doesn't cry much and sleeps all the time. We just love him!

Because of flu season and the H1N1 outbreak there had been a ban at the hospital on all visitors under the age of 18. This meant the Kason could not visit me and Harley at the hospital. On Monday they lifted the ban! I didn't know about it and I was sitting in my hospital room, waiting for Reed when I hear Kason out in the hall. I was so happy I cried! Reed and Kason surprised me with flowers (three roses, one from each of my boys) and a toy that Kason picked out for his baby brother. I am so blessed!!!

Kason and I took James for his first walk and to get some sunshine. Kason was so sweet picking flowers for his brother. It has taken him a little while to warm up to the baby, but he is going to be a GREAT big brother!

I love this picture. This is the first time that Kason was willing to hold James. I only had my cell phone close by and the moment was fleeting, so the quality isn't great, but the subject is beautiful!
My recovery is going great. It is amazing how much faster I have felt "myself" this time than with Kason. Part of it is not having a epidural I think. I could feel my legs and move around right after giving birth. I even walked myself from the delivery room into the recovery room. The other part is I only had to get one little stitch instead of nine, so there isn't as much healing to be done. I am so happy and so blessed by my Heavenly Father to have such a beautiful family!!!