Sunday, December 27, 2009

Down the Stairs to Take A Peek

We had a great Christmas! Kason was so cute coming out into the living room Christmas morning to see what Santa brought. I will post more about it later and more pictures, but I wanted to share this video (I warn you it's a little long...I don't know how to edit video yet). The best part is in the beginning when Kason is peeking around the corner. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take a Picture It'll Last Longer

I have had this post written for quite a while, and have just now had the patients to get the pictures uploaded. Over Thanksgiving Reed's sister came down with her family from Ohio. Kason and his cousin had fun playing and running a muck together at Grammy and Grampy's. There was lots of great food and it was awesome having Reed home so much! Kason is such a daddy's boy that we had a hard time when Reed went back to work all day. But, we are adjusting.

We have kind of a tradition of taking family pictures on Thanksgiving, we did it last year and the year before, so we took the opportunity to take some family pictures this year as well. Kason does not pose willingly for pictures, and when we ask him to smile ... well you can tell from a couple of the pictures what we get. So we had a hard time getting a very good one of all of us, (one of the best ones looks like Kason is picking his nose).

I love this picture of Kason and Reed. Kason loves his Dad so much, it's so fun to watch. When Reed is home Kason follows him around like a little shadow, doing whatever dad does. When Reed is not home, everything is "Daddy's?"

This last one is of my prego tummy (Kason felt that he needed to make a cameo, he already can't stand the spotlight on baby brother). I think the way my hands are makes it look more like a beer belly than a baby belly, but you get the idea. This was taken about a month ago and I have grown since then. I'm pretty sure I am bigger now than I was with Kason at six months...kind of a scary thought thinking back to how big I was with Kason at nine months. If I continue to grow at this rate I will need a wheel chair by then. I now have only 90 day left! And at the same time; I still have 90 days left! I have weird dreams about giving birth in bizarre places and under chaotic circumstances that just keep getting more vivid and unusual. With Kason I had lots of dreams about giving birth to a tiny little baby (like gummy bear size). Anyway, I love being pregnant and I love thinking about what my new little baby will be like. It's so exciting!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Starting yesterday and continuing through the weekend we are experiencing a "Nor'easter." So named because the hurricane strength winds and heavy moisture come out of the North East. We are getting lots and lots of rain. It has rained pretty much non-stop since yesterday morning. The worst of it is supposed to be today, but I think all we have to worry about is losing power. I have filled every container I can with water (including the bath tub) in anticipation of losing power because we get our water from a well that is pumped with an electric pump, so no power means no water. I also have candles and flash lights at the ready. Kason would be thrilled if we had to use candles - he loves fire!
This is out on our back porch. Kason is pointing at either the rain or the swaying trees. It's all very interesting. He did not want to come back inside.

This is out on our front porch. Kason is sitting on the railing trying to feel the rain. Once again it was quite an ordeal getting him back inside the house.

Kason and I are hunkered down nice and cozy inside the house waiting it out. As you may or may not be able to tell from the pictures Kason would much rather be outside in the wind and rain than in here nice an cozy. He is really missing our morning walks and I'm afraid getting a little cabin fever from being couped up in here all day long, we'll see how long he lasts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snips and Snails

I thought I would seize this opportunity while everyone is sleeping and the internet is working great to do a nice long catch up post (even though I should be paying bills and balancing the budget...oh well that can wait). The latest and most exciting news is that we are going to be adding another boy to the family. We went in to the ultra sound on Monday absolutely sure it was a girl. Surprise! Now I am officially out numbered. I know that I was before (2 to 1), but I at least had a chance of making it a tie if this were a girl. Oh well, I am very very excited. My Kason is so much fun and can be so sweet that the idea of another boy brings nothing but joy. My only regret is no shopping spree to stock up on pink and dresses, we have everything we need for a boy (and then some).

At the end of September my parents came to visit. It was so much fun to have them here and be able to share our home and neighborhood with them. Kason had a wonderful time getting to know them. We went to historic James Town and to the Zoo. We also spent a very windy day at the beach and toured the naval base in Norfolk. It was sad to see them go, but Kason and I already have out tickets booked for a trip to Utah in January! We won't be able to be there for Christmas, but during this time Reed will be on a trip for work, so this worked out a little better. It will be fun to see everybody and for Kason to play in the snow (we don't get much of that around here, which I am grateful for).

We had a great Halloween. Kason dressed up as a pirate. He learned to say "Ahrg" and kept his hat on all night. He really got into the candy part of Halloween this year, but not so much the trick-or-treating. We hit a couple of houses in Grammy and Grampy's neighborhood and that was plenty. Kason was ready to stop and eat the candy after every house (the concept of delayed gratification is still beyond his grasp). Reed and I attended a Halloween party hosted by one of Reed's clients. They did a murder mystery and Reed guessed the murderer! Along with 20 other people, so they put names in a hat to choose the ultimate winner. It wasn't Reed, but I still think he is very clever. It was very well done, we talked to a lot of people and had a good time.

The beginning of November marked the end of our first year in Virginia. I can't believe it! Although it seems like we have been through quite a bit while here, I finally feel like we are getting settled and things are looking good. We are in our own place and loving it. We just pulled out the last of garden for this year. It will be fun to pick some things to plant for next year. We have quite a large space, so we are letting some other people plant things there too. It will be exciting whatching it grow and seeing everything turn out (or not). Reed's job is really starting to pick up. He has been enjoying the challenge of starting a new business and now seems to reeping more of the rewards of his hard work. And best of all we are expecting our second little bundle of joy. It's so exciting imagining what he will look like and how his personality will differ from Kason's. The hard part is waiting and deciding on a name. Luckily we had more ideas for a boy than a girl and we have time to decide which it will be. We are looking forward to a fun filled Holliday season and life is good! I will try to keep the posts coming, I know there are some far away friends and family that appritiate the pictures and updates.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Top Ten Excuses for Not Blogging

I know I have been pretty bad at blogging lately. I don't know if anyone even checks anymore, but I am still around and have good intentions of posting great posts, but a lot has been going on. 10) We moved! I need to put some pictures up of our place. 9) Becky came for a visit, I need to put picture up of that fun filled visit. 8) I have been cleaning and unpacking and moving stuff around trying to get everything just how I like it (isn't moving fun). 7) I have been spending every precious moment I have with Reed when he is home because they are few and far between (with being young men's president and all the hard work he has been doing with Edward Jones he is practically a stranger around here). 6) To help with the finances I have been tutoring. 5) I also started babysitting this week. 4)Every time I sit down a the computer Kason wants to be on my lap banging on the keyboard. 3) Because of the move we haven't had internet for a while. 2) It's summer! We've been doing stuff outside. 1) And my number one excuse for not blogging lately is .... drum roll .... I am pregnant! And I have been sick and tired and unmotivated to do anything for the last month and a half. I am almost 11 weeks, which means sick and tired stage is almost over. My unofficial due date is March 17th and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but I will try and keep you posted (hopefully at least once again before the baby is born).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Have a Family Here on Earth

Kason had fun this week getting reacquainted with some extended family. Reed's sister and her family were here from Ohio. They have a daughter who is just a few months older than Kason. She is walking now and Kason is crawling like crazy, having both of them mobile was fun. Kason was excited to see Elyse, he likes having other little people around. He even shows off for Elyse by playing the piano performing his latest death defying stunt in the pool. He can hold onto the basketball hoop and just hang there. We didn't quite get the timing right on the picture, but he can hang there for a few seconds all by himself. My little Evil Conevil! We went to Uncle Stu's graduation. Stuart graduated number 3 in his high school class. Congratulations Stuart. We also went swimming and had fun hanging out and playing. We got some cute pictures of the two of them together that will be fun to show these two when they get older. Elyse and Kason first met right after Kason was born, before Elyse moved to Ohio. There is a picture of them together then. It's fun to compare the two. Kason has grown so much! Which reminds me, I forgot to post the stats from Kason's last doctors appointment. He is 21 lbs. and 32 inches tall (I think that's right. I forgot to have the nurse write it down for me this time, so I'm not 100% sure). Reed has been working his heart out lately trying to stay ahead between now and his next trip to head quarters at the end of July. Then he will have an evaluation and officially "graduate" from the Edward Jones training program. In the mean time he is making contacts, studying and meeting with his trainer. Between that and being the Young Men's president we are lucky to see him for more than a couple of hours a day. He is working very hard and we are proud that he is number 2 in his class right now (and working on becoming number 1) Kason obviously feels the loss and has been crawling around saying his various versions of, "Da, da, da, ..." He loves his Daddy! We are very excited to have aunt Becky comming out at the end of July! She will be here most of the week that Reed is in St. Lois again. We have lots of fun things planned and can hardly wait for the party to begin!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If Everybody Had An Ocean

Do you think that in Heaven every day starts with an early morning walk on the beach? I do. Last week Kason and I went with Reed's family to the beach. (Unfortunately Reed was at a training in St. Louis - we really really missed him!) They rented a beach house on Onslow Beach which is about a 3 hour drive. It was so much fun! Every morning when Kason would wake up at 6:30 (that is early morning to me...if it's not early morning for you than you have my condolences) we went for a walk on the beach. Kason was tucked comfortably into the beloved Snugly and I would walk in the shallow part of the water and look for shark's teeth and shells while the waves splashed in and out against my legs. The water was just the perfect temperature and the air was already warm and thick with humidity. I could do that every day for the rest of my life! Kason was usually mesmerized by the waves on our little walks. On our last day we met Grammy and Grampy out on the beach and Grampy held Kason who promptly laid his head down and fell asleep on Grampy's shoulder, it was so sweet. Why doesn't he ever do that for me :). The water is not a source of fear for Kason in the least. He loves it! He liked sitting in the sand and having the waves wash over his legs. We did have to work on not eating the sand though. The first thing he did when I set him down on our first day was grab a big handful of sand and stick it in his mouth, because how are you supposed to know if something is cool or not if you don't put it in your mouth, right? He did overcome that obstacle. Probably because I scared him half to death with my loud, "NO" every time a little handful of sand started inching it's way towards his mouth. He jumped about ten feet with each shout (poor kid), but it only took a few times until his hunger for sand was forgotten (I think that's called aversion shock therapy). After that he contented himself with digging his chubby little fingers and toes as deep as he could into the sand. He also loved the shower. On the deck of the beach house there was a shower head for rinsing off sand and ocean grime before going into the house. The water was freezing, but Kason loved it and opened his mouth wide for a drink every time we passed. I love his funny little personality! One day we went down to join Grammy in the sand and found a crab on her towel. It was cool, but kind of creepy. Crabs remind me too much of spiders. It took all the courage I could muster just to get close enough to take the picture. Kason's uncles Stuart and Greg were there and also Greg's friend Erin. Stuart built a sand castle with two motes and a draw bridge and everthing. It was pretty cool. I think he got more use out of the sand toys we bought for Kason then Kason did. Next year Kason may be a little more interested in sand castle building. Unfortunately I dropped my camera into the water on the first day we were there, so all pictures that we have of Kason's first time at the beach were taken on my cell phone. It worked out okay though because I was able to keep Reed constantly updated with Picture Mail. Reed did very well at his training in St. Louis. One of the trainers he was working with told him that if you threw all of the top Edward Jones advisers into a bag, shook them all together and pulled out one super advisor it would be Reed. We are so proud! He has been doing his first round of contacting this week and is surprised at how nice and welcoming people are. His past experience with knocking on doors led him to believe that most people were unreceptive and usually rude to young men in suits who come knocking on their doors. Hmm. Reed did great in St. Louis and is still overjoyed to be working, but next time we go to the beach we are definitely taking him with us!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Plain Little Turtle Named Mac

Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss is one of the books that we read often to Kason. His favorite book is actually Spot Goes to School (he loves to open the flaps), but we really like Yertle too. Kason has a little plastic turtle that he plays with in the tub and in the pool, we named him Mac after the plain little turtle who burped and shook the throne of the king. I think that Mac is a good role model for Kason (except for the burping). So, on our walk today we were very excited to see this little turtle slowly making his way across the road. We figured with all the mud on his shell this must be Yertle. Probably in search of another pond full of unsuspecting throne material, but we helped him across the road, up over the curb, and onto the grass anyway. Who knows, maybe he has turned over a new leaf. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
Kason is now crawling. Last Friday we went and spent the evening with the people
who are letting us rent their house while they are in Japan (we move in on July 25th, wahoo!) and they don't have much furniture so there is a lot of wide open space and Kason just took off. He was crawling all over the place and now he doesn't stop. It is so nice for me because he is a lot more content playing by himself now that he can get wherever he needs too. He loves crawling into the shower and pointing at the drain. He points at absolutely everything. It is so cute when he points and then looks at me and starts jabbering away, like he his explaining what it is. My biggest challenge is keeping him out of the shower while I am in there. I tried putting him in the pac-n-play today, but he cried the whole time...I can't do that to either of us again. Any suggestions? What do you do with your mobile baby while you shower?
He has a Doctor's appointment on Monday so I will post stats. Also, look at all of those teeth! He now has 8 teeth total. We think there are at least two more on their way down because of the way he has been sleeping (not good). Our next milestone will be weening. I have always planned to ween him at one year and that's coming up in just two months (can you believe it) so I am on the look out for the least traumatic weening strategy (for him and for me).

Monday, May 11, 2009

...Dearer Than Any Other

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day as a mother, and it was definitely a day to remember. I woke up about 2:30 yesterday morning and just made it to the bathroom to throw-up absolutely everything in my stomach, or so I thought. I continued waking up every hour to throw up. I was afraid I might have, as my dad would say, the Egyptian flu, or as Reed puts it a nine month parasite. But now I think it was food poisoning or something. Finally at 6 I got up and fed Kason, took some pepto and got in the shower. In the shower I proceeded to empty my stomach of the pepto and water I had taken to wash it down.
On top of this I had to speak in church (my 5th time speaking in church on mother's day) and teach my primary class. I was ready to have Reed give my talk for me and just stay at home. Luckily my dear husband holds the priesthood and was able to give me a very sweet blessing. I made it through my talk and my primary class tired, but not throwing up. I came home and went right to bed. I woke up and ate some dinner, and drank and drank because at this point I was so dehydrated I could hardly spit. Dinner seemed to be sitting okay but I started to get a fever and Reed had to go do something, so my sweet little cuddle bug Kason, probably knowing it was mother's day curled up with me in bed and went right to sleep.
When Reed got home we were both still in bed enjoying our rest, but we got up to Skype with my family (a sunday evening tradition since we moved to VA) and I fed Kason then it was back to bed by 8:00. All in all it was a mother's day to remember. I did get a new swim suit as my mother's day present from Kason ($10 at Ross) and I have a wonderful husband and son and I love being a mother! Today I am still feeling a little queasy, but no fever! Hopefully I will kick this thing and we can get on with our lives. It is no fun being a sick mommy.
Oh yeah, and Kason now says "Mommmma" when he reaches for me (and sometimes just randomly too) and that was my best mother's day gift of all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Day Sunshine!

We have been waiting all winter (which to our dismay has been unusually long and cold here in VA) to get Kason into Grammy and Grampy's pool. Yesterday it reached temperatures in the 90's and the pool (having been uncovered and basking in the sun for almost a month now) has warmed up to about 78 degrees, so conditions were perfect to give it a try. They have a salt water pool, which I love, especially for Kason. You don't feel dry or itchy at all and the salt kills the germs instead of chemicals. It doesn't even taste salty (like the ocean). Kason really loves the water and had a great time splashing and floating around. I love doing new things with Kason (not that swimming is necessarily new, he has been before) there is such an added measure of excitement that makes everything seem like and adventure.

It was hard to get Kason to look at the camera because he was either fascinated by the water or busy splashing.

This is an oh so funny shot of Kason in his life jacket. I don't know whether it is Kason's lack of a neck or a design flaw in the life jacket (probably a little of both), but even with the top strap undone Kason's chubby little cheeks got squished as he floated around, but as usual he didn't seem to mind much.

Kason seemed very tranquil and lulled while floating in the water. I think he probably could have fallen asleep. Before long he will probably be taking all of his naps that way.

Here is Kason kicking in the water. He doesn't look altogether sure about life in this picture (probably due to the water he was kicking into his face), but he was generally enjoying himself. BTW Reed and I would like you to please pardon our lack of pigmentation, this was our first real swim of the season, we are still working on it.

Swimming really wears a guy out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lots to Cover

Well, once again I have slacked off in my blogging and it's been over two months since I blogged. I will keep the writting short with plenty of pictures becasue that is how I like it. Over the last two months Kason and I visited Utah, Reed started his new job as a finacial advisor for Edward Jones, Kason has broken 6 teeth, I have lost 5 pounds, Jeff and Tammy and Eli came for a visit, and Easter happened. It has been a great couple of months with lots of blessing and happiness!

We had such a good time in Utah staying with my parents! Lots of memories and fun. One of the highlights of our trip was swimming. It was Kason's first time and he loved it. He even got splashed and went under the water and didn't cry at all. Thanks Dad!

This is Kason at my mom and dad's trying on my mom's glasses. It was so funny because he didn't even try to pull them off. What a character!

My dad's work has a photo studio, so while we were in Utah we went and took some really good six month pictures of Kason. It wasn't an all together easy process considering Kason wasn't interested in getting his picture taken for two straight hours, but this is a reallyl good smile one!

While Jeff, Tammy and Eli were here we went and visited Jamestown and Yorktown. It was a cold and windy day, but we had fun spending time with them. It made us long for the days when they were just upstairs. Here we are in front of the flags at Jamestown. Kason was a little to interested it the fountain to pose for a picture.

It was fun to see grown up Eli. He talks so much and has tons of energy.

It will be fun to show them these pictures watch them interact as they get older.

This is Kason enjoying his first Easter. I think he really got a clear understanding of what Easter is all about.

Kason is still not crawling, but he has broken six new teeth and is eating all kinds of things. And he likes to stand up. He can pull himself to his knees, but needs help to get all the way up. Once he is standing he can be content there for quite a while before he either lets go or asks yells to be rescued.

Since Reed has started working I have kept myself busy with Kason (of course) and lots of projects. I have about 5 at various stages of completion right now. I just finished sewing this hat for Kason. I made it out of some of Reeds old pants. It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but it was good for a first try!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Reed

Reed's 26th birthday was on the 7th and, yes, we filled his cake with 26 candles and he blew them all out! We also went to dinner at Outback Steak House (his favorite) and we went and saw a movie. We saw Taken which is a very intense and slightly traumatizing movie. Anyway, we love Reed. He is a great dad and a wonderful husband!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Of Beaches and High Chairs

Today was an exciting day full of great adventure and great photo ops. Now that Kason is six months old he isn't experiencing as many "firsts" as he used to. In the begining he was doing and seeing things for the first time everyday. Now days he's an old pro at most things, but today was special: Kason sat and ate in the high chair for the first time and he saw the ocean and the beach for the first time. 

Kason has been sitting up really well for the past couple of weeks and has just started eating cereal every morning, so we thought it was the perfect time to introduce him to the high chair. Here for the first time ever is Kason sitting in a high chair.

This is a high chair that I believe was Reed's dad's when he was a baby. Kason was more concerned with getting the high chair in his mouth than with eating his cereal, but we considered the experience a success.

Here is the big Neptune or Triton (whichever it is) statue at Virginia Beach. You can tell it's winter because there is no one there and all the the trees are in plastic (I think they look like big seaweed, which go perfectly with the statue), but the water was still pretty.

It was pretty cold (about 34 degrees) so we just jumped out of the car for a couple of quick pictures and jumped back in.

I think the big statue is really cool and I can't wait to go back in the summer time when it is warm and we can walk on the beach and play in the water. It will be especially fun to see how Kason likes it. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My sister-in-law had this link on her blog "Because She is a Mother". It's a talk by Jeffery R. Holland and it is wonderful. It makes me want to work a little harder and live up to his praise and encouragement. I thought I would pass it on - thanks Carolyn!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Wharf

On Friday last week it was almost 60 degrees, so Reed, Kason and I walked down to the Wharf. It's such a nice peaceful walk across a wide open cotton field, down through a little grove of trees, and then out across an old rickety dock that ends in this little wharf out on the river. It was the perfect walk and the lighting was just right to get some cute pictures of my boys.

Here you can see the cotton field in the background and Kason is wearing his cute hat to keep the sun out of his eyes (something that is a constant battle on walks and car rides).

This is the Wharf. As you can (or maybe can't) see it is old, probably homemade, and patched up in quite a few places. It added an extra dimension of excitement to our walk wondering if we would make it all the way out to the water and back without ending up in the water.

On the way back we were walking into the wind, so we turned Kason around in the Snugli and he kept looking up into Reed's face and smiling. Looking back I think he was smiling at the image of himself in Reed's sunglasses (he loves mirrors), but it made a very sweet picture.

This one isn't from our walk (obviously), but I thought I would throw it in. Reed has fond memories of sitting and listening to his dad sing and play the guitar. Today, Kason carried on the tradition and was captivated listening to his Grampy as he dusted off his old guitar and started practicing again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Park

Last week we took Kason to the park. There is a really nice and big one here. It was a little cold that day, but nothing that us seasoned Utahns couldn't handle, it was about 40-45 degrees and the sun was shining, to us that's a nice day! But apparently not to most Virginians, because we had this huge park all to ourselves! Kason especially liked the swings and the slides, and it was a fun place to get some cute pictures.

Here is Kason and Daddy. You can see a little bit of one of the play structures in the background. There were three big ones like that with slides coming off everywhere, plus teeter totters, swings, a jungles gym, and anything else you can imagine. Reed and I decided that if we were about ten we could play tag there for hours.

Notice the hand behind the head in this picture. This is apparently an inherited habit. Reed does it often when he's talking or relaxing and so does his dad. You can also see Kason's mittens that I made him.

In some ways I think that Reed and I enjoyed the park more than Kason did.

Here is Kason about to go down the big slide with Reed.

Here he is getting ready to brave the tunnel slide. Kason was fine going down by himself. I was the one who was nervous, so I followed him down on my stomach and held onto his shoulders as he slid down on his back.

Kason liked the baby swings okay, but he liked sitting on my lap while I swung on the big swing better. Reed pushed us so we went pretty high and that actually got him laughing. I love his laugh!

Kason loves being outside and looking around at all the new stuff. He doesn't even mind a little bit of cold, we just bundle him up and he is happy as can be. By the way I made that hats that Kason and I are wearing.