Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everybody Poops

Everybody but kason, on the toilet anyway. We have started potty training with Kason and we haven't conquered poop yet (i have thrown away more than one little pair of Buzz Lightyear undies). All in all it has been somewhat successful. We started a week ago with a timer. I set the timer for 15 minutes and then he goes and sits on the potty and tries to pee. If he does he gets a skittle. If he poops he gets two. We have worked up to 30 minutes now, but he still does not tell me when he had to go, I tell him. Until he makes that jump I don't consider him potty trained, even if he can wear underwear all day with no accidents. It does feel like we spurned a lot of time in the bathroom. Its becoming tricky to number one keep Kason excited about using thee potty and number two keep Harley entertained while Kason is working on...whatever. We have tried many things including: putting Harley in the empty tub with his bath toys, a space heater in the bathroom (very exciting to both Harley and Kason), potting Harley in the drawer by the potty so Kason can pretend to give him a bath, singing songs, reading books, putting the potty in places more interesting than the bathroom, cool push/ride toys allowed in the bathroom, etc. Is all very hard work for all of us. Any suggestions on potty training are welcome.
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