Sunday, June 6, 2010

Your Face Will Surely Show It

I am having way too much fun with Picasa. It makes it so easy to Blog my pictures and with the collage feature I don't have choose which ones to put up, I can post them all! Okay, enough sounding like a commercial. I think these are the sweetest faces in the world! I know I'm biased, but come on... We are still working on Kason's "happy face" for the camera, but it looks like Harley's got it down. We've been enjoying the warm weather in the mornings and going for walks to the park. By afternoon lately it's been too hot and humid to play outside, so Kason has been watching a lot of Nemo and "Howdy" (that's what he calls Toy Story) his two favorite movies right now. I need to be more creative with our indoor activities in the afternoons. They have to be cool enough to entice Kason away from the "TB". Any ideas?