Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More summer fun!

We finally got our act together and planted our vegetable garden. We are doing the "Square foot garden" method this  year. In the past our downfall has been weeds and animals. So, this method uses a raised bed and has us add our own soil to cut down on weeds. Then we put a chicken wire fence all around and some netting over the top to protect from the animals. Now we just cross our fingers and hope that things work. 
Ella likes being outside. Just like at the beach though, we have to help her overcome her desire to eat everything in site. And she is starting to get a little feisty lately, so taking grass out of her first or mouth isn't as easy as it used to be. I guess we've been getting sugar and everything nice for the past nine months, now she is working on showing us her spice.
We did the garden while Harley took a nap. We love him, but his listening skills leave something to be desires, so some projects that take a long time and require that he follow directions are best done while he naps. Kason was very excited about the garden. He very carefully helped me dig holes and plant each plant. Hopefully we will get some fresh veggies here is a few months.
We also went to the outdoor pool at the Y for the first time last week.
It is really fun! There are three different areas. One for big kids with a deep pool and two water slides. Then an area with no pool, just lots of things that spray and dump water (shown behind Harley in the above picture). And a kiddie pool with a little turtle slide (being enjoyed be Kason in the above picture) and a big "mushroom" (as the boys call it) that sprays out water. 
Needless to say we will be spending many hot days here this summer!
The day we went was a little cold. While Kason is basically impervious to any discomfort as long as he is having fun, Harley likes being comfortable in whatever he is doing. So, Kason was blue and shivering, but still running around and playing. Harley curled up on the chair with all of the blankets and was very happy to watch until he warmed up. I liked it because he actually wanted to cuddle with me!
They all had fun watching the buckets fill up with water and then dump out. It's exciting every time!
Ella has fun watching her brothers, but is very close to crawling and sometimes gets pretty mad when she tries to go after them and ends up flat on her tummy. She gives it an honest effort though, every time she has a chance, so she will be moving around with the best of them before we know it.

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