Friday, April 13, 2012

Wahoo! Thank You Reed!!!

Reed is eligible, through work, to win trips twice a year. He qualified to win a trip about 6 months ago, that we would be leaving on right about now, but we weren't able to take it because of having a new baby. But he qualified again and so in September we are off to beautiful Hawaii! Ella will be weaned by then and Reed's wonderful sister has offered to take the kids for us while we go. They live up in Ohio and have 3 kids pretty much the exact ages of our kids. So, while it will be crazy for Carolyn, the kids will have a great time. Reed and I are very excited! Thanks for all of you hard work honey! I reap the benefits in so many ways. Love You!

On another note I wanted to share a little anecdote. It's no secret that Harley is a Daddy's boy. He would choose Reed over me in every situation. Last night Reed was working late and I was getting the kids ready for bed. I asked Harley what his favorite song is to hear when he is going to bed.

He said, "I Am A Child of God!"
 I said, "I like that one too."
He said, "When Daddy sings it," and then just to make sure it was clear, "Not you"

Just when you think you're doing a good job, your kids step in and bring you back to reality :). Thanks Harley!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm So Glad Easters Here!

We had a great Easter! As the kids get older and we welcome new little people into our family, holidays just get more and more fun to celebrate. The boys really enjoyed all of the fun traditions that go with Easter. We also had some special opportunities to teach them about Jesus Christ and the importance of His resurrection. Kason made us proud on Saturday when we were at the primary Easter Egg Hunt activity and they asked the kids why Jesus' was resurrected and he raised his hand and said, "so we can live forever." It really is amazing how much they learn, one might even say they remember. It was so fun getting them all dressed up for easter. Having a girl in the mix this year made it extra fun because we got to do a big frilly easter dress - Thanks Mom! 

Harley was asleep when we first got to Grammy's, but Kason cheerfully rebid all of his eggs so that Harley had some to look for when he woke. Harley was mostly interested in what was inside each egg, this was a common theme for Harley throughout the weekend (it was all about the CANDY!)

Grammy hid some Easter eggs for the boys and after church on Sunday Kason had fun finding them all over the house. He really loved all the egg hunting! He also participated in a great easter egg hunt the primary did for the kids on Saturday.

Here are the boys getting their baskets ready for the Easter bunny. My mom sent us some "magic" jelly beans to put in their Easter baskets so when the Easter Bunny came he could sprinkle magic on them and they would grow into treats and toys during the night. Harley had a hard time not eating all of his, but we eventually convinced him to sprinkle a few in his basket for the Easter Bunny.

Kason, very carefully put each jelly bean one by one into it's specially appointed spot in the basket. He was very into the magic jelly bean thing. In this picture he had just taken a bath. He loves to comb his own hair after his bath and stick it straight up. So cool dude!

Saturday after the activity at the church we colored Easter eggs.  Kason has a lot of fun writing on his in white crayon and then seeing it appear as he dipped it into the ink. He is very thoughtful and loves to make things, so decorating Easter eggs was right up his ally.

As I was telling Harley what we were going to do he kept asking if we were going to eat the eggs. I would say, "We are going to color some eggs." Harley would say, "and eat them?" I would say, "You can put stickers on them and dip them in the colors," and Harley would say, "and eat them?" (and so on..) Apparently Harley didn't see the point in decorating your eggs, eggs are for eating.  In the end he did enjoy watching the eggs turn color and eventually he did get to them.

Then the big morning came! Ella enjoyed he Easter basket filled with empty plastic eggs and two little stuffed bunnies that her daddy picked out for her (he had a lot of fun this year picking out treats and toys for the kids baskets).

Harley figured out fast how to open his eggs and get the candy out and he been doing it  with every egg he has come across ever since. Needless to say the eggs are of little value when he finds out they are empty. Luckily Ella enjoys the empty plastic eggs very much. Isn't the give and take of a family nice.

Kason was very please with the magic jelly bean harvest!

One of our neighbors made this cute  bunny cake and brought it over for the boys. They were very pleased with it and thought they were so funny when it cam time to eat the bunny, laughing as they ate the bunny's face, ears, tail, ets. What fun!