Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Have a Family Here on Earth

Kason had fun this week getting reacquainted with some extended family. Reed's sister and her family were here from Ohio. They have a daughter who is just a few months older than Kason. She is walking now and Kason is crawling like crazy, having both of them mobile was fun. Kason was excited to see Elyse, he likes having other little people around. He even shows off for Elyse by playing the piano performing his latest death defying stunt in the pool. He can hold onto the basketball hoop and just hang there. We didn't quite get the timing right on the picture, but he can hang there for a few seconds all by himself. My little Evil Conevil! We went to Uncle Stu's graduation. Stuart graduated number 3 in his high school class. Congratulations Stuart. We also went swimming and had fun hanging out and playing. We got some cute pictures of the two of them together that will be fun to show these two when they get older. Elyse and Kason first met right after Kason was born, before Elyse moved to Ohio. There is a picture of them together then. It's fun to compare the two. Kason has grown so much! Which reminds me, I forgot to post the stats from Kason's last doctors appointment. He is 21 lbs. and 32 inches tall (I think that's right. I forgot to have the nurse write it down for me this time, so I'm not 100% sure). Reed has been working his heart out lately trying to stay ahead between now and his next trip to head quarters at the end of July. Then he will have an evaluation and officially "graduate" from the Edward Jones training program. In the mean time he is making contacts, studying and meeting with his trainer. Between that and being the Young Men's president we are lucky to see him for more than a couple of hours a day. He is working very hard and we are proud that he is number 2 in his class right now (and working on becoming number 1) Kason obviously feels the loss and has been crawling around saying his various versions of, "Da, da, da, ..." He loves his Daddy! We are very excited to have aunt Becky comming out at the end of July! She will be here most of the week that Reed is in St. Lois again. We have lots of fun things planned and can hardly wait for the party to begin!!!