Monday, March 3, 2008


These are some pictures that were taken while we were engaged (so, that's two years ago now). We went out one afternoon with my dad, my mom, and Becky and took about a thousand pictures to go in our wedding announcement (we didn't put a thousand pictures in our wedding announcements, that's just how many we took and in the end we narrowed it down to two). Our wedding colors were light pink and taupe. Reed wore a pink tie and didn't put up any fuss at all! Taupe was the color that we had trouble with. Most people's reaction was, "What is taupe?," and I don't blame them. Since the wedding I've seen many different variations of taupe, but in my mind it's just a light tan color (like my skirt in these pictures, which I actually ended up making because I couldn't find one at the time that was just right). It was a fun day and my dad took some great photographs, but my face hurt after (from all of the smiling.)

Little did I know that was nothing compared to our wedding day...

If we took a thousand pictures for our wedding announcements, we took a million on our wedding day. It was September 28th 2006 and it was perfect! We had a wedding dinner the night before at Olive Garden. We got married in the Salt Lake Temple at 11:30 am (the perfect time for those, like us, who aren't early risers). The temple was amazing (I have only been to one other sealing, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I think it was pretty amazing.) After the sealing we did pictures. I love looking at pictures from our wedding day and remembering how perfect everything was. It was sunny and warm and beautiful with family and friends there to share our happiness.
We had our reception that evening at Le Jardin in Sandy. I originally wanted to have our reception in our back yard with lots of candles and the stars. We ended up at Le Jardin, however, which was the next best thing. It is a green house/reception center with lots of beautiful flowers and pretty garden furniture. It turned out great. My mom made the food. A menu of breads, cheeses, fruit and desserts (Italian style is what we were going for). We also had and Italian soda bar manned by our brothers. I heard it was delicious and beautiful, but Reed and I never actually had any (something I regret). She also made the cake which was beautiful and delicious (I know that that first hand!)

Here are a couple more taken at the reception...

Blog Novice

I got excited about blogging while looking at blogs of friends and relatives. It's so fun to see pictures, read stories, and enjoy the unique design and layout of each individual blog. I created this header, which was tons of fun adn I'm working some kind of cool background. However, I have been at a loss as I've started thinking about what I could fill our blog with. I love looking at other peoples pictures, but Reed and I don't take that many pictures, so I've gone back a couple of years to our wedding and engagment because I love those pictures. Hopefully you can enjoy them as well. In the the mean time, I will be taking pictures and note of fun and interesting things that occur in our day to day lives so that I may more fully share with you the joy and adventure that is "Reed & Anne".