Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kason's BLessing Day

On Sunday we had the great opportunity to give our son a name and blessing.It was also the first snow of the season and the outfit we got for Kason to be blessed in was shorts and a t-shirt - brrrrr! Kason Anthony Sloat was blessed by his dad with his Grandpa Bylund, Uncle Mike, Uncle Ben, and our friend Kendal Johnson standing in the circle. Reed gave a great blessing asking for Kason to be strong and healthy, gain a strong testimony of the gospel, have a strong sense of humor, have an outgoing personality, have a desire for knowledge, have a proper respect for women, and many other wonderful things. It is so exciting to think about all of the possibilities and opportunities that await Kason in his life. He is blessed with a great heritage and a family who loves him and will teach him the gospel. We already enjoy the benefits of his laid back, easy going personality (he sleeps from 6-8 hours at night, hardly ever cries, and is very cuddly) and have so much to look forward to while watching him grow up. We wished that all of our family could be there for the blessing, we understand why they couldn't, but we missed them anyway! We are getting very excited for our move (everything except the packing part, with is unfortunately a very big part) and are accumulating boxes and packing material in preparation for next weekend when most of the packing will take place. After the cold weather and snow last weekend we are very excited for a more mild, and shorter, winter (neither of us like the cold very much.)