Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We woke up this morning to a fairly heavy and very exciting snowfall! I didn't even know it was coming, so I didn't prepare, nor did I prepare the boys. Obviously Harley doesn't like surprises. Kason on the other hand was more than willing to go with it. We made a trip this mornign to the store for boots and gloves. We didn't do such a good job with Harley's gloves, which he is meekly and gently making me aware of in the above picture. Don't worry, I didn't make him suffer for long, just long enough to get the picture.

After a soothing ride around in the Snuggly while I pulled Kason in the sled and looked for a good sledding hill (which we didn't have much luck in finding), he ended up in his usual spot; cozy, warm, and asleep in the stroller. What a life.

Kason's favorite part was riding around in the sled. Grammy and Grampy snagged two of them for Kason and Harley when they went up to Ohio for Thanksgiving (good luck finding sleds around here). They were meant for Christmas, but since the snow is here now Grammy thought that we better make the best of it. And we did - Thanks Grammy and Grampy!

Kason enjoyed riding in the sled so much that when we dicided it was time to build a snowman I offered to help him up (out of the sled) and he declined, telling me that he would just stay in the sled and Mommy could go get the snow so we could build the snowman right there. Oh and it wasn't a snowman, he wanted a snowKason. Not a perfect likeness, but close I think.

In the end great fun was had by all (as long as you don't ask Harley about the part he was awake for). I'm just greatful the this is our first snow storm of the year (in December, not October) and very well could be one of only handful, or even our only one! I will not be excited about any snow storms after January. I am doing better than one of our neighbors that we passed today who said he was already done with winter, I'm not the grumpy about the snow. I just get sick of being cold. So, horay for snow in moderation!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Deck the Halls

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight. Reed brought one home last night from a place by where he works. It smells so pretty, but is spilling needless like crazy, which combined with the fact that the tree is not drinking the water, had us wondering if it will last until Christmas.

Kason had a blast! He was so excited to finally get to decorate for Christmas. We have been talking about it all week. They are selling trees at the grocery store we go to and the couple times we have gone in there this week he says, "Someone needs to decorate those."

He carefully and lovingly, placed each ornament on the few branches he could reach until each one was drooping with multiple decorations.

Harley spent his time supervising and chewing on everything he could get his little octopus tentacles on. We have to be careful right now because he had four teeth coming in all at once, poor kid, and everything goes straight to the mouth.

Grammy came over to help and we ended up spending an hour trying to fix our vacume. All in all a wonderful time was had by all :). Hooray for Christmas!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Because I Have Been Given Much

We are grateful to be in TN with my brother and his family for Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for or little boys and all of the family and friends that we are blessed with. These are some pictures of our exploits so far.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010


We went on a walk today and all the fall colors are so beautiful! I guess if you have to say goodbye to summer, this isn't a bad way to do it.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Duck and A Garbage Man

Harley had a great first Halloween. He dressed up as a duck and mostly tolerated it. He was very cute!

Kason was the garbage man. He loved it and was very popular among the 12-14 yr. old boys.

We went to a friends Halloween party and their little boy was dressed as Spiderman. He had the mask and everything. Kason was so scared that he would hardley leave my lap the whole night. Poor kid. Maybe next year he can wear a mask, then he'll know it's not scary.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walkin' in the Rain

It's been rainy here this week. One day, when it was more misty than rainy, we decided to venture out. It was fun to play with the umbrella and hear the rain come down on it. When the umbrella got too heavy, Kason let Harley use it on the stroller and had even more fun letting the rain come down on him. It's so much fun to have a two year old who can ask questions and enjoy learning about things like rain. And having an eight month old who laughs and smiles through it all!

Kason loves water!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dump It!

Kason LOVES the garbage truck. He always wants to take the garbage out and, "Dump It" in the big garbage so that the truck will come and, "Dump It" into itself. We finally helped him understand that the garbage truck only comes to our house on Friday, so now whenever he has that unconrollable desire to see the garbage truck, "Dump It" instead of throwing a kicking, screaming, on-the-floor tantrum about it he calmly says, "Garbage truck come Friday night and Dump It?" and happily I smile and say, "yes." It's a much better scence and leaves me oh so greatful for his developing ability to internalize and reason within himself. Come, "Friday night" (well it's morning actually, but I'm letting that one go) Kason and Daddy gather all of the garbage from all over the house (and with two in diapers there is usually a lot) and they, "Dump It" into the big gabage outside and roll it to the end of the driveway for the garbage truck. Then, Kason sits patiently on the steps wainting...

The garbage truck is definately the highlight of our week, but Kason also love throwing anything away for me, pouring the garbage from one can to another, and the plastic bags from the grocery store (because that's what we use to line our little garbage cans). He wants to be a garbage man for halloween so he can, "Dump It!" Harley Likes to help too. Mostly he just sits around looking cute, but his day will come!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Peanut Fest 2010

This weekend we took the boys and Grammy and Grampy to the Peanut Fest. Our town is the birth place of Planter's Peanuts and a lot of peanuts are grown here, so every year they have a fair and call it Peanut Fest. Kason rode the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-Go-Round and got to go fishing for fake sharks, play a squirt gun game, and win a glowing sword. Harley even got a little duck because the lady running the fishing game thought he was so cute. Kason had fun with all the rides and games and he really liked the tractor pull. Harley slept a little bit and then was entertained with all the lights and noise. It was fun to go and check it out and to see Kason enjoy the rides and everything there.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tackin' Da Trees Down

They are clearing a lot near our house and we can hear the trucks all day long digging up and knocking down trees. We have to walk over every morning to check it out and Kason could stay for hours watching the trucks. Harley is pretty interested too, Although last time we were there he fell asleep.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is our little Harley (well not so little) at 6 months. We took him in for a check-up and he is a healthy boy wieghing in at 18lbs and 26 inches long. He is such a happy baby and has a smile for everyone and a great little baby laugh. He is sitting up now which is fun and makes it so he can entertain himself a little bit easier. He has, however, stopped rolling over. He will lay on his tummy for a little while and then start to fuss or just lays his head down and growels. He is a great growler!

Harley is Kason's biggest fan and already wants to do everthing his big brother does. He watches Kason and laughs at Kason and talks to Kason. It's so much fun and I'm savoring it while it lasts. Whenever Harley starts laughing at something Kason does or some funny noise he makes, Kason says, "Harley loves me?" and I say, "That's Right!"
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Years!?

I haven't posted in forever! And I'm not even going to try to catch up or make any promises about keeping up, but yesturday was our anniversary and I wanted to put up something and say how much I love my dear, sweet, hard working, good-looking, family-loving, gospel-living, wonderful husband Reed!!!! It really is always better when we're together!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When We're Helping We're Happy

Helping Buzz (Lightyear) go for a walk...

Helping with the laundry...

Helping Daddy mow the lawn...

Helping take care of baby brother

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If Everybody Had An Ocean...

This weekend we went down to North Carolina to attend a wedding. The wedding was on Saturday, but we headed down Friday afternoon and spent some time at the beach! Kason has absolutely no fear of the water and wanted to be right out in the waves. Harley, on the other hand, spent the time hiding under the towel trying to avoid the wind and sand. We stayed in a hotel Friday and I Kason was ecstatic. He ran around the hotel room like crazy and stayed up until 10 before he finally crashed. We had fun and Reed enjoyed catching up with old friends.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Your Face Will Surely Show It

I am having way too much fun with Picasa. It makes it so easy to Blog my pictures and with the collage feature I don't have choose which ones to put up, I can post them all! Okay, enough sounding like a commercial. I think these are the sweetest faces in the world! I know I'm biased, but come on... We are still working on Kason's "happy face" for the camera, but it looks like Harley's got it down. We've been enjoying the warm weather in the mornings and going for walks to the park. By afternoon lately it's been too hot and humid to play outside, so Kason has been watching a lot of Nemo and "Howdy" (that's what he calls Toy Story) his two favorite movies right now. I need to be more creative with our indoor activities in the afternoons. They have to be cool enough to entice Kason away from the "TB". Any ideas?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Needs A Double Stroller?

Hmmm... I think maybe we do

We went for a walk this morning to the park. I left the snuggly at a friends house, so I decided I would just put Harley in the stroller, let Kason walk, and see what happens (it's way too hot and sticky for the snuggly anyway). Well about twenty minutes into the walk (the park is a half an hour away and twenty minutes is pretty good for Kason) Kason wanted, "Up." So I tried several different ways to get them both in the stroller, none of which were very comfortable for the boys. The last one ended up being the best. On the way home Harley fell asleep and we made it all the way back like that. I guess I'll be checking Craigs list for a good double stroller.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

We took Harley in the pool for the first time yesturday. So far he is not the fish that Kason is, he liked it better wrapped up in a towel! But he is still young, we will keep trying.

Lately Kason prefers playing with the water outside the pool. Unless of course Daddy is in the pool to make him fly!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Two of A Kind

I had fun today comparing pictures of Kason and Harley as babies. Kason is on the left, Harley on the right.

This is both of them in the hospital right after they were born.

Their first Sundays at Church (same shirt)

This is them at one month old

And at two months old
They do have differences, but you can definately tell they are brothers!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Here is Kason showing off in his cute (he he) new swim floaty. Isn't such a good swimmer? The next Michael Phelps! And so pleased that he can do it all by himself. I am a proud mommy.

Yesterday was my birthday! It was great. I got lots of warm wishes. I also got a pasta maker from my folks and a nice dutch oven/roaster from my in-laws. From my dear sweet husband I got a night away from the kids. Harley and Kason stayed went Grammy and Grampy (and wore them out) and Reed and I went down to the beach. We stayed at a hotel right on the beach and had dinner at an Italian restaurant overlooking the Ocean. It was wonderful! Thanks Honey!!!

I also have a Harley update. Just over a week ago he had his 2 month check-up and weighed 13 lbs! He such a sweet baby and smiles and gooos and gaas all the time now. I love it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Boy Crazy

Oh man! Life is busy and great. Warm weather is here to stay and my boys and I have definately been enjoying it (this is my excuse for how long this post has been in the making. I have sat down to work on it several times and been destracted by sunshine and boys). I have lots of pictures in this post because I know some people are dieing to see updates of Harley (yes, we have officially decided that Harley will be his name, it fits him so well!) These pictures are in no specific order because I uploaded them weird and it is too time consuming to fix. Enjoy!

Jeff, Tammy, and Eli came to visit at the end of April. It was so much fun having them here! We went to the beach, visited the aquarium, and strolled around the zoo, but most of all we enjoyed each others company. This is Harley enjoy the sun and sand. Well maybe not the sun in his eyes so much, or the sand in his diaper. It was his first time and he was a good sport, he will come to love it.

Here are Kason and Eli in front of the famous Neptune statue at VA Beach. I think it is a tradition to take a picture in front of it if you come to visit us and we go to the beach. Kason has issues with getting his picture taken, but aside from that this is a great picture. It will be fun to show them when they are older.

This weekend we enjoyed our first swim in Grammy and Grampy's pool. As expected Kason had a blast! I feel I must explain the pink and purpple. We got this great floaty innertube/swil shirt thingy at Babies 'R Us for only $1.50! We couldn't believe it when we saw the price, so we grabbed two and hurried to check out before they changed their minds. Apparently they were mismarked (supposed to be $17.99), but we got them for $1.50 anyway. Unfortunately they only had pink and purpple, but with a deal like that Kason (and Reed) can buck up and live with the girl colors, right?

This is what Harley did while we went swimming (the water is still a little cold for the babe). He is so big! He has his 2 month check-up tomorrow, but we are thinking he will weigh in somewhere between 11 and a half to 12 pounds.

Here is Harley enjoying the big weird fish and the aquarium. Kason and Eli were somewhere running a muck. Harley is a peacful baby and usually sleeps through all of the excitement

Awe.. Kason and Eli were so cute together. They were little buddies the whole time (well most of the time) We did kind of push it to the limit with Kason (no naps and four days of non-stop) so by Monday morning Kason was a little crazy, but for the most part he was enjoying having a friend around 24/7.

We got our garden all planted! We are so excited for our first real year as gardeners. If all goes well (which it may or may not) we will have quite a list of fresh produce to enjoy, including: asian pears, peaches, appricots, figs, strawberries, raspberries (probably next year), corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, zuchini (of course), and cucumber. It's been fun planning and sewing and we look forward to reaping!

Kason has definately warmed up to bing a big brother and gets excited when Harley is awake and somewhat interactive. Although he is still pretty sure that Harley is Mommy's and Kason is Daddy's. Whenever Reed holds Harley Kason says, "Harley Mommy"

Kason just seems so big now that we have Harley. He is so much of little boy now rather than a baby and delights us with new words and even sentances every day. His first real sentance was, "Me eat hot dog" It was so cute.

Easter was fun. We dyed eggs and had an easter egg hunt in Grammy and Grampy's front yard while enjoying a wonderful session of Conference.

Nanna came and stayed for two weeks after Harley was born. It was wonderful! All my meals made and cleaned up after, not to mention the wonderful company! It was sad to see her go. Thank goodness for Skype!!

We blessed Harley while my mom was here. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful blessing. Reed is such a great dad!

We took my mom to a great seafood resuraunt while she was here. This is everyone waiting for their fish.

Here is my sweet little Harley getting ready for his bath.


Well if you made it all the way through, thanks. I love sharing, it's just that it's hard to find the time. I'm just not super woman like many bloggers are, but I will make a renewed effort to keep all of my blog readers (all 1 or is it 2 of you now?) updated.