Monday, November 1, 2010

A Duck and A Garbage Man

Harley had a great first Halloween. He dressed up as a duck and mostly tolerated it. He was very cute!

Kason was the garbage man. He loved it and was very popular among the 12-14 yr. old boys.

We went to a friends Halloween party and their little boy was dressed as Spiderman. He had the mask and everything. Kason was so scared that he would hardley leave my lap the whole night. Poor kid. Maybe next year he can wear a mask, then he'll know it's not scary.


Erin said...

You look so cute with your bangs. I love it!

kirjote said...

cute halloween pics - love the garbage man! and, i love your family pictures on the side bar - beautiful!

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Very fun,and I love the new pics on the side. We are VERY excited to see you guys. :)