Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We woke up this morning to a fairly heavy and very exciting snowfall! I didn't even know it was coming, so I didn't prepare, nor did I prepare the boys. Obviously Harley doesn't like surprises. Kason on the other hand was more than willing to go with it. We made a trip this mornign to the store for boots and gloves. We didn't do such a good job with Harley's gloves, which he is meekly and gently making me aware of in the above picture. Don't worry, I didn't make him suffer for long, just long enough to get the picture.

After a soothing ride around in the Snuggly while I pulled Kason in the sled and looked for a good sledding hill (which we didn't have much luck in finding), he ended up in his usual spot; cozy, warm, and asleep in the stroller. What a life.

Kason's favorite part was riding around in the sled. Grammy and Grampy snagged two of them for Kason and Harley when they went up to Ohio for Thanksgiving (good luck finding sleds around here). They were meant for Christmas, but since the snow is here now Grammy thought that we better make the best of it. And we did - Thanks Grammy and Grampy!

Kason enjoyed riding in the sled so much that when we dicided it was time to build a snowman I offered to help him up (out of the sled) and he declined, telling me that he would just stay in the sled and Mommy could go get the snow so we could build the snowman right there. Oh and it wasn't a snowman, he wanted a snowKason. Not a perfect likeness, but close I think.

In the end great fun was had by all (as long as you don't ask Harley about the part he was awake for). I'm just greatful the this is our first snow storm of the year (in December, not October) and very well could be one of only handful, or even our only one! I will not be excited about any snow storms after January. I am doing better than one of our neighbors that we passed today who said he was already done with winter, I'm not the grumpy about the snow. I just get sick of being cold. So, horay for snow in moderation!