Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Best Baby in the World!

Kason is now three weeks old and doing great! At his two week check-up last Wednesday the doctor officially declared him "Perfect". Much to our delight he was up to a whopping 8 lbs. 10 oz. I had been concerned about his eating and was relieved when the doctor assured me, given the weight gain, that he is doing just fine. These are some pictures of him enjoying his favorite past time - Sleep! He sleeps anywhere, anytime... in front of his mirror, with dad, in a room full of talking people, while eating... it's great. He is starting to have more awake time now and it's really fun when his eyes are open big and he's looking around. He doesn't cry much, mostly just grunts, which makes it hard to know when he's awake and ready to eat at night, so most of the time I end up setting and alarm and waking him up. He will usually sleep for four hours at a time during the night and will take a bottle, so Reed will often stay up and feed him for the last time of the day, giving me plenty of sleep. I really am being spoiled and I don't know what I will do when he goes back to work!

We have had lots of firsts over the last few weeks. First car ride, first messy diaper, first time peeing on mom and dad, first time to church, first walk, etc.Here are a couple of pictures. One is of his first bath. He doesn't mind baths, it's hard to tell if he actually likes them, but he doesn't cry (or even grunt). The one of him with his dad in the cute polo and shorts is after his first full block of church. He did great! He seemed especially alert during the hymns with everybody singing and the organ playing, it was a lot more noise than he's used to. He's very mellow and there isn't much that bothers him, but he doesn't like pooping, or getting his nose sucked out with the nasal aspirator. He's had some congestion that been stuffing up his nose and making it hard for him to eat. He used to fuss a little when we changed his diaper, but now that he has his perfected the art of peeing at just the right moment so that it gets on mom or dad and dirties the diaper we just put under him, he seems to enjoy it a lot more.

Kason also spent lots of time with family these past few
weeks. He's met all of his aunts and uncles, both of his cousins, grandma and grandpa Bylund, great grandma Thompson, and looks forward to meeting grandma and grampy Sloat very soon. Here are some pictures of Kason's first meeting with his cousin Eli and his cousin Elyse.