Friday, May 29, 2009

A Plain Little Turtle Named Mac

Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss is one of the books that we read often to Kason. His favorite book is actually Spot Goes to School (he loves to open the flaps), but we really like Yertle too. Kason has a little plastic turtle that he plays with in the tub and in the pool, we named him Mac after the plain little turtle who burped and shook the throne of the king. I think that Mac is a good role model for Kason (except for the burping). So, on our walk today we were very excited to see this little turtle slowly making his way across the road. We figured with all the mud on his shell this must be Yertle. Probably in search of another pond full of unsuspecting throne material, but we helped him across the road, up over the curb, and onto the grass anyway. Who knows, maybe he has turned over a new leaf. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
Kason is now crawling. Last Friday we went and spent the evening with the people
who are letting us rent their house while they are in Japan (we move in on July 25th, wahoo!) and they don't have much furniture so there is a lot of wide open space and Kason just took off. He was crawling all over the place and now he doesn't stop. It is so nice for me because he is a lot more content playing by himself now that he can get wherever he needs too. He loves crawling into the shower and pointing at the drain. He points at absolutely everything. It is so cute when he points and then looks at me and starts jabbering away, like he his explaining what it is. My biggest challenge is keeping him out of the shower while I am in there. I tried putting him in the pac-n-play today, but he cried the whole time...I can't do that to either of us again. Any suggestions? What do you do with your mobile baby while you shower?
He has a Doctor's appointment on Monday so I will post stats. Also, look at all of those teeth! He now has 8 teeth total. We think there are at least two more on their way down because of the way he has been sleeping (not good). Our next milestone will be weening. I have always planned to ween him at one year and that's coming up in just two months (can you believe it) so I am on the look out for the least traumatic weening strategy (for him and for me).