Saturday, November 24, 2012

Halloween (A Little Late...)

...but still very relevant at our house. The boys LOVE Halloween. Even now that we have started really getting into Christmas their favorite Christmas song is called "Monster's Holiday"to the tune of "Monster Mash." Anyway, we celebrated it very well.

Kason was a Mummy

Harley was a garbage man
(same as Kason two years ago)

And our little pumpkin was a little pumpkin

The kids got their first candy from Grammy after a yummy chili dinner at her house

That's Ella's, "I think I'm so clever for getting away with this," face as she retrieves the handful of candy that she just got from out of her pumpkin. Her favorite candy was of by far the lollipop.

All ready for some Halloween fun.

Then we headed over to do some serious trick-or-treating in a friend's neighborhood. Here is Kason  with his buddy Gage.

We ended up getting quite a group together. The kids were nonstop running from house to house for about 2 hours straight. We all had a really good time.

Ella got our and did a couple of houses (the ones with the really good candy), but mostly enjoyed the night from the safety of her stroller. She really liked the candy part, but wasn't too sure about all the spooky costumes and decor.

Harley, although not able to run as fast as the bigger kids, was a very motivated trick-or-treater. Unlike his brother who can give or take sweets most of the time, this kid lives for candy! Anyway, he stuck with it until the last half hour or so and then took over the stroller when Reed took a very tired little pumpkin back to the car to sleep.

We love Halloween! It was really fun seeing the boys get so into it this year and trick or treating with friends made it all so much more exciting. We are still working on our huge bowl of candy, which Harley still asks for first thing every morning, but after putting our decorations up today Christmas is now in full swing at the Sloat household! And will be over before we know it. So, check back in another month or so for an update on that Holiday ;)


Erin said...

Super cute costumes! I loved the mummy one best! Is it pretty warm there for trick or treating?

Anne Sloat said...

Thanks! Yes, it was fairly warm Halloween night (probably 60's) It's nice to not have to cover up there costumes.

Anne Sloat said...
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