Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birdies and Angels

Tonight we went to two Christmas parties: One was an open house that Reed did for his clients, the other was Kason's preschool Christmas program and open house. Both of them were awesome!
First of all we spent last yesterday and this morning turning all of this into 30 pounds of fudge, 60 bags of caramel popcorn and kettle corn, nine dozen cookie, and a batch of family size brownies. All for gifts and refreshments at the Christmas Open House that Reed did at his office for all of his clients.
Here is the fudge. All wrapped up and ready to go home with guests. We have been doing fudge for Reed's clients since he started with Edward Jones. In the past we have experimented with many different flavors, butterscotch, orange cream, white chocolate (just to name a few). With everything to do this year we thought we would keep it simple and did just peanut butter, mint and chocolate (two batches of each). The peanut butter turned out really good this year!
Here is the popcorn. We did caramel using my mom's baked caramel corn recipe that is so so GOOD! And then we made kettle corn with festive red and green sugar. It turned out good, but is way better fresh. There is a reason they cook it on the spot when you get it at fairs and stuff. 

Here are all of the kids in their fancy Christmas clothes. They were very good and friendly to everyone at the open house. I was such a proud Mama!

Then we headed out to Churchland for Kason's Christmas program. He has had so much fun learning Christmas songs and making Christmas decorations. It was awesome to have him share it all with us!
We left Ella with Reed. She had such success charming all of his clients that Reed didn't want to let her go. But Harley and i waited patiently and ate tic tacs until the program started.

Here is a little video of the program. So funny! They were hiding the jingle bells behind their backs until the chorus - Kason couldn't even sing he was so focused on hiding the bells. This was by far his favorite song they sang. It was organized very well and they did some really cute songs! Kason teach told them to sing like, "birdies and angels," and they did!

After we had cookies and punch in the "Fellowship Hall". Kason goes to preschool at Churchland Baptist Church, so of  course the program was in the big old church that they meet in for preschool. I had only ever been in the classrooms before, it was fun to see a little bit more of the building and go into the chapel.
Here is Kason and his buddy Gage. They have such a good time together.  They can play for hours and hardly ever fight.

If he looks tired it's because he is. This is at the end of a long day and a long week filled with lots and lots of Christmas excitement. He generally handles it very well, they both do, but every once in a while there will be and outburst or a tantrum to remind me that little boys can only take so much Christmas cheer before they become overwhelmed. We have Reed's work party tomorrow and Ward Christmas Party on Saturday night, I hope they can hang in there.


Erin said...

Holy crap you are soooo ambitious! I totally flaked out on making homeade treats this year. I'm totally buying store bought candy for our neighbors. You're awesome! The kids look so cute all dressed up in their fancy clothes!

Carolyn said...

I'm salivating right now over your fudge! Everything looked amazing! The kids are so cute at the party!

Steelefamily04 said...

I love Harley's face in the last pic. The fudge did turn out amazing :)