Monday, December 17, 2012

Picture A Little Baby Jesus

Tonight for FHE we talked about the story of Jesus' birth. We had all the little people and animals and other props carefully made for each part of the story. Each piece had a magnet on back so it could be added as it's part was read. The boys drew the scenery on the white board. In the upper left hand corner Harley drew a picture of himself (its in red and a little hard to see in this picture). At first I was going to tell him, no, that he was not part of the nativity. But then I thought wait, yes he was, we all were! So I left it there and when we read the part about, "a multitude of Heavenly hosts..." we told them that they (and we) were there and sang with joy when our Savior was born. Thanks for the reminder Harley!!!

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